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Wishes Fulfilled

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Since at least 2019 I've heard Ernest expressing a desire to be in his home country of Brazil for his 60th birthday and to meet his family whom he has not seen in over 34 years. At the beginning of 2021 he had set the intention that he would be here no matter what was happening in this world and held that belief all year. I am happy to say that 10 days into this trip, his wishes are fulfilled. We've had more quality family time than we've both ever experienced in a very long time.

Ernest also received the gift of returning to the places where he grew up in Brazil and took some time to walk the streets that he walked on as a boy. It was surreal for him and a joy for me to see where his family had set their roots after leaving Portugal. So much has changed, as he expected it would, but home is still home.

Family time here is filled with fun, endless food, music and creating fond memories. From some of the stories I heard, I learned the power of what can happen when a family unites to help one another. I appreciate them being with us to celebrate his 60th birthday and everyone who wished him a very happy birthday. A birthday really is a very special day to celebrate you and it is a day to receive not just gifts but love.

One of the highlights for me on Saturday was to see the cooking done in the outdoor oven. Meats were grilled, a whole pineapple was grilled rotisserie style and bread was toasted. YUM! When we decide to settle down, I would love one of those because I love cooking outside.

We are heading to the coast. We have not yet figured out where we will be for Christmas or New Year's. For now, after a year of no rest for Ernest and only 8 days of vacation for me, we are looking forward to shutting down for awhile.

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