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A Delightful Spiritual Experience

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This week I was sitting on my patio and I felt a presence crouch down and hug me dearly from behind. I have had this type of thing happen to me before, so I was not alarmed by it. I knew whoever it was carried the Spirit of Love as I they transmitted this incredible love to me along with peace, calmness and sincerity. This presence communicated to me through telepathy and identified herself as the mother of a friend who passed away a year ago. She impressed upon me that something was bothering him deeply and wanted me to deliver a message to him. The message was very specific: All is well. She kept reinforcing that I tell him that all is well and that all will be well. I had a fleeting thought of calling him to deliver the message, but she prevented me from doing so by letting me know that he was asleep as he lives on a different continent.

I started to write a message to him. She guided me in what I should say to him. She indicated that I must add the time that she visited me, which was 5:18 pm. I was about to change it to 5:20 pm, but she insisted that the time must be 5:18 pm. I sent the message, went about my evening and waited for my friend's response.

At around 11 pm I received his message. He confessed that alot had been going on with him, but something had been bothering him very deeply since the day before, consuming his thoughts. The day before he had a lengthy conversation with someone about a specific matter and at the end of the call he told them if what he believes is the truth, then all will be well. Afterwards, he asked God to send him a sign to confirm the direction and truth about his life and belief. The fact that I delivered the message that all is well and that all will be well, was very specific. It gave him goosebumps.

I told him that I thought about calling him, but his mother stopped me. He replied at that time he was in a very deep sleep. He proceeded to send me a picture of a screenshot of the time of the call he had the day before, which caused his disturbance. It occured at 5:18 pm. Now I understood why his mother wanted the exact time recorded.

I was so delighted and excited for my friend. He started his day off with an explosion of happiness, peace and relief. I thanked God. I love being used by God this way. It has happened before in my life and always brings truth and direction in a time of need.

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