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God Has Other Plans

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

We've been in the Algarve for about a week and I thought we would be staying here for the rest of the year. This is the thing about following God: my plans go awry. I thought we'd make one trip to Lisbon for a specific reason. It turns out that for October, we have to be there for longer than I anticipated, so we'll be doing the back and forth travel again this month.

I could have fretted about it because I really wanted to finally rest and take a vacation but I cannot be upset with Him. You see, we've been praying for a specific thing to happen. We were told it would take several months to come through, which meant postponing any international travel plans. Suddenly, God opened up a way for us to be blessed with the fulfillment of the prayer and it will happen this month, which requires us to be in Lisbon for longer.

I trust His plans and His timing even if it means that I must postpone my rest. The greatest awareness that I have had of God on this journey is how He moves us around to unexpected places at unexpected times. I discern this is for our protection. When I think back on my life, I see how He prepared me. Over a 3 year period I moved 8 times, doing exactly what I am doing now which is purging things along the way. After this, we spent much of 2017 through 2019 moving from our home to hotels at the most unexpected times and the duration of our hotel stays kept changing. He prepared us to live like this. I remember the day I entered a hotel suite and declared that I can live in a place like this! And so it came to pass.

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