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I Must Be Dreaming

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

In this year of Change, I am finding myself going back to different points in my childhood and teenage years to remember what I was like and what were the things I used to dream about. What might have seemed silly then is more serious to me now.

Some of these memories are so vivid that my senses take over. I can feel textures of things I am remembering and smell some of the aromas.

This time around I am taking my dreams seriously. I remember when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life I needed inspiration. I needed to know that God was out there hearing all of my prayers and seeing what I was going through. At that time I was so broke and broken I just decided to ask God one day out of the blue for a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. It was something I could not afford. I had no idea why that came up, but I put out my ask. I kept dreaming about the sunglasses and could not get it off my mind. Lo and behold, about a month later I was out on a trip one day and just as I was about to leave the place I was at I saw something and walked up to it. It was just sitting there. Not a soul was around. I looked around for people and waited to see if anyone would show up. It was getting late and no one did. What I saw was a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses neatly folded as if it was a present for me.

Yes, I took it with a very deep gratitude receiving it as a gift from God. I mean what are the chances that this would happen to me? It fit me like it was made for my face.

You might have heard that the cemetery is the wealthiest place on Earth. It's the place where unfulfilled dreams, visions, potential, gifts, skills and talents are laid to rest forever. I am learning more and more each day, don't die with my dreams unfulfilled.

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