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I Once Had A Dream

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I once had a dream that was very powerful and very bizarre. It's a dream that I remember clearly and think about every year. In my dream I was walking towards God. The energy coming off of Him was so great that I could not physically stand before Him until Jesus took my hand and led me to Him.

I don't remember what God and I were speaking about. I remember being there for sometime as God and I were having this back and forth conversation about something. The only part that I was allowed to remember was the end, when I asked, "God, how are we going to do it?" The very second that I asked that, I woke up.

This has been a big mystery in my life. This dream is so real, the conversation was so real, what I saw and felt was so vivid. What is this thing that we are going to do? My answer is "Only God knows!"

Imagine being left with this mystery, like King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. There is no one to solve it.

I am left with these thoughts. Pray about it first and ask God to make it a reality and keep following God's prompting in my life. Perhaps I am already doing whatever it is, but I don't realize it. When I follow His prompting, we are doing whatever I am called to do together.

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