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Near Death Experience

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I love hearing about NDE's (near death experiences). I have been listening to many stories about people who died and came back with a story to tell. This is clear: the person either had a heavenly encounter or faced the reality of hell. Some people get to see hell but experience God's grace instead.

One story in particular caught my attention. It was about a Canadian pilot who didn't believe that God existed. In his words, many encounter God when they get to the end of themselves and no one can help with the situation at hand but God. His experience was through dying from a very debilitating illness. The pilot saw hell but for the first time in his life and was very descriptive about what he saw. He asked God to forgive him first and help him because what was coming out of hell was coming after him and the demonic figure called him by name.

God heard his cry and sent help to him immediately. He saw the Son of God sitting and looking at a piece of paper that looked like an old worn out page from a diner menu. On that piece of paper were all of the details of this man's life and what he did for God which was not much. On earth, the pilot was socially and financially successful. God shared His love instead and showed him specific things about heaven which he told him to share with the world. That piece of paper had me in deep thought. I wonder how God would look at my life and what would He say about it? Am I always doing what He wants me to do and am I being who He wants me to be?

In my own near death experience in my teens I was sent back, but not with a message. I was told it's not my time as yet and I should go back. I was lovingly sent back into my body and felt my soul sliding right in. My experience was also due to an illness. Leaving my body and floating upwards was something I will never forget. Body mass and weight were no longer a part of what I carried with me. There was no pain, no suffering, I carried nothing negative with or within me. There was only love and peace in its purest form. It is true that when someone experiences this it is hard to go back into the world without the reassurance from God that He will be present and will always send help when it is needed.

Even though I didn't have that assurance, I knew that there was something that I am meant to fulfill and I am still allowing my Spirit guide me. Some people may call this following one's intuition. I say "Yes" to these little nudges of knowing that it's what I am supposed to do. I believe if I don't I might very well miss the big point of my whole life. I realize I don't have to know what it is I am supposed to do for God. Just follow that good voice, do what it says and know that God is using me in a small way for His big plans.


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